perjantai 15. marraskuuta 2013

ringa linga

Ohoups. Hi peeps I haven't updated for A MONTH again.... Quite much has been going on as always, I've had a lot of spare time too but it seems like I keep forgetting my blog all the time ahah. 

Let's get to my random babbling !!

I finally got a job ! Well it's only a small one but I'll be able to work until Christmas yaaay. Have been nervously counting how much will I be able to earn within that time and yaaay I'm so excited to get new things hahah. Finally something to feed my materialism with ~ 

I've also a whole lot of plans for next year and now I'll be able to pay back my parents for everything that they've had to pay for penniless me ! I've been feeling so bad for having to get money from them for all the things I'm doing :---( AND I'M AN ADULT ughh.

Pyhähäkki with friends 
I've also come to conclusion with what to do once I finish high school. Of course it'll depend on whether I'll be able to get in the university I want 1 So excited to see what the future has stored for me if everything goes in the way I've planned :----) Though it most likely doesn't hah ~

Avocado salad noms.
Hmm what else... I've been pampering my skin (have done facials and tried a whole lot of new products), doing my nails as always (see my instagram for pics !) and organizing my laptop ! I've been playing around with my doggy so much lately... I tried to also take a picture or two together, but failed miserably. Oh and I watched EMA's last Sunday and fought some Directioners to help EXO for I-don't-even-know-what reason.

오싹한 연애 ! ♥
I've watched so many movies that I can't even remember them all anymore ! You can tell I've had a lot of free time, right haha ? 오싹한 연애/Spellbound and especially 김종욱 찾기/Finding Mr. Destiny Ohmahged Gong-yoo ♥ were the best Korean movies I've seen so far !

I'm also watching two dramas right now - The Heirs WOO-BIN ASDFGHJKL ♥ and 사랑해서 남주나 (is there any English title for this?), if anyone's interested !

That's it for this pointless blogpost ! I hope to be able to do some reviews on some things I've bought ages ago. Or maybe I'll just be lazy and forget it ;---)


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