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gmarket haul

After a few drawbacks such as Chuseok, cancelled orders and battles against Gmarket's ill-behaving website I am finally able to share my little haul with you ! I placed my order in 17th of September and received my things ten days ago in 7th of October :-------)

Unpacking stage III
It took only couple of days that Gmarket kindly sent me a message saying that the shipping of my order will be delayed due to the holiday season in Korea. DAMN YOU CHUSEOK. Once the holiday was over Gmarket sent me another message in which they said I'd have to wait for a bit more because some of the sellers had not sent the items to the Gmarket warehouse. It took a few more days until I was informed that the orders from those sellers got cancelled..... Feel sad that I couldn't get those things - they were so nice :----(


Seller: 딥퍼플!
Price: ₩19,900

Anyway now to the things that I did actually get in the end and first up is this knit ! As always wine/burgundy is the must wear color for autumn and I also really want to have more knits to wear so yup - I like it a looot.


Seller: 리얼코코
Price: ₩29,900

I've been wanting another light jacket to wear since walking in the same leather jacket everyday can get quite boring at times. I ran into this jacket while casually looking through some random sellers shops. I had no plan to buy one since winter is just around the corner (it started snowing a couple of hours ago brrrrhh ㅠㅠ *cries*), BUT since I really liked this I had no choice.

This jacket was surprisingly light though. I hoped for it to be a bit thicker.... but this is for late spring or early autumg I guess hah !

"아저씨맨투맨 "

Seller: 미건스타일A (♥)
Price: ₩11,900

THIS IS LOVE. Gorgeous cropped black shirt with a super ugly print.This is probably the first time for me to buy something that I think is hideous. JUST LOOK AT THAT PRINT. Yet I think that this is my favorite thing out of all the stuff I bought. My very own ahjussi shirt lol  ♥

I have no idea about what is written all over that shirt. Anyone ?


Seller: 유고걸 2 (♥)
Price: ₩10,900

The color of this shirt is actually a bit off in these pics - it's somewhat darker than it looks ! I was looking for a navy knit, but didn't know which one to go with so I chose this for its nice display pictures, which for some reason I couldn't find from the listings anymore.... :-------( Maybe it's not sold anymore ~ Here's one pic though hah : KLICK 


Price: ₩6,900

I wanted to get one lighter shirt too so decided to go for this one. Studs, burgundy and cheap. Nothing else to say !


Price: ₩10,900

I don't really know what I feel about this one. I guess I got mislead by these info pics or something, though I wonder how that happened since they weren't that gorgeous either hah ~ OH WELL: The fabric is VERY THIN. So I have no idea about what to wear underneath for it to not be shown to all of the world. This sweater also turned out to be bigger than I thought it would be.....

I still think the text, which as much as I know should be something close to meaning Pegasus is quite cool.You know how wrong Koreans can go with English so...... Anyway AGAIN if anyone has any idea what language this is and whether this really means something please feel free to tell me. All that I know is that Pegasus in Greek is "ΠΗΓΑΣΟΣ" (?), yet the text in this shirt looks Russian to me.... ПeГaНТН umm what. Why have I not studied Russian ?

Pretty hah


Seller: 딥퍼플!
Price: ₩15,900

As not-so-outstanding as this shirt looks on a hanger it's nice nice ! I could imagine styling this with a big ass necklace * 0 * I actually already have one shirt similar to this but it's cropped and has less of those.... sleeve... cut... things. And they don't look as good as these ones so ~


Seller: 딥퍼플!
Price: ₩7,900

Last up is this cropped camo print shirt, which was also missing from the lists ~ I wonder why I have like no camouflage printed clothes at all even though I really love them D: That has changed now ! 

Aside from all these shirts I did also order some leggings but since they wouldn't look that good hanging on the walls in the pictures I just decided to leave them out from my haul post haha. BUT DAMN there's still just way too many things I had to leave out from my order this time. I WANT EVERYTHING.

I have had some issues with logging in to my Gmarket account since the store updated. Whenever I tried to sign in the website kept asking me to type those characters, that confirm that you're a person not a robot or something, all the time without letting me in. I already sent an email to Gmarket's customer service asking for help, but I noticed that logging in to the Korean version of the site first and then moving to the global version fixes the problem. Damn I was so scared that I might have to make a new account or something and lose all my mileage and coupons etc..... Anyway - if someone is having the same issue try that out !

Gmarket customer service is awesome though. It took them less than an hour to answer to my email requesting for help and they came up with a whole lot of solutions, one of them was the exact one that I tried out. THUMBS UP FOR GMARKET ^ ^ / / / 

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