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[review] geo - tri color lenses

I finally ordered new contacts about two months ago and it actually took me yet another month to even try them on after receiving them. Was so busy with studying that I actually decided to wait until they're over to finally open the bottles haha.

Anyway here they are: Geo's Tri Color Lenses in grey. Decided to go for something very natural this time ~


Water Content38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Life Span: One year

I wanted lenses with a quite small diameter as always. These have a diameter of 14.2 mm, but one needs
to realize that the design takes only 14.0 millimeters of the whole surface of the lens (minus the are over your
pupils duh~). I've never really understood the point in having those colorless borders in lenses and yes these 
do have ones.... not that I have a problem with it though ! 

Here's a close-up of the lenses in natural light ! The color of these is supposed to be grey, but I'd say these are more like a mixture of grey and brown with some green areas in the middle. And I like it a lot !! They are very natural and they blend very well with my own eye color. One can't really tell I'm wearing contacts yet the difference is still there !

I can also happily say that these are probably the most comfortable lenses I've ever had so far. I accidentally fell asleep in the middle of the day for half an hour while wearing these and surprisingly didn't feel any dryness afterwards. Not that I'd suggest sleeping with lenses on - that's a no no of course.

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