tiistai 18. kesäkuuta 2013

ocean of light

Seems like I completely forgot the existence of my blog..... again.

I dropped a few orders on eBay, Cosmetic-Love and Gmarket some time ago and almost all of the things have now safely arrived to Finland. So happy to buy some cosmetics after some while !

Once again purchased a new BB cream: Lioele's Dollish Veil Vita. Still looking for one that will replace my ultimate love Skin79's Hot Pink. Have tried so many, but all of them have turned out too dark/orange for me... Also Prime Youth Snail Emulsion from Holika Holika and a Skin Mal:gem toner from Etude House. I actually ran out of my previous toner (only few drops left) so this came just in time !

I prepared myself for the summer by buying a new sun lotion as well as a self tanning lotion from our local stores, but what happened ? There's been no hint of summer lately: cold cold cold. So no use for sun lotion. I haven't used that Dove self-tanner yet either since it's so freezing all the time and I have to use long sleeved shirts and pants. I don't really enjoy that sticky feeling under clothes after using any sorts of lotions/creams/whatever on my skin ewww ~

Now that I'm slowly starting to run out of the enormous amount of sheet masks that I brought from Korea (there were more than 30 of them lol) I decided to order some more ! Bought these Etude House's I Need You ones since they were a bit cheaper than the other ones available..... But holy cow how expensive they still were ! Bought these same ones from Korea with 5,000 won / 7pcs pack ! Ordered 14 of these from eBay with $29, which is around 33,000. So 7 pcs would be around 16,000 ! ㅠㅠ Of course shipping adds some price to it, but I still find it unreasonable.

Lastly all the samples I received ~

Will be reviewing some of these thingies that I bought after using them for a bit longer. I also still have that one comparison coming up, but I really don't seem to get myself write any blog posts lately. Ahhh I'm too lazy....

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