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[review] clio - waterproof pen & brush liners

Oh yeah who turned 18 two days ago - me me ! I'm an adult now (------;

I'm back to bring you this review/comparison that I promised to write ages ago. Some of you might remember the eyeliner that I bought from Korea back in February. It was CLIO Professional's Waterproof Brush Liner (브러쉬 스타일의 아이라이너) in Kill Black and I was quite happy with it.... for a while. After a few days of use I noticed how it always started to "dry out" in the middle of lining my eyes. I decided to go back to my previous eyeliner since I got annoyed with it.

I ran into CLIO's cosmetics again in Gmarket so I decided to give a shot for one of the other eyeliners in the same collection - Waterproof Pen Liner (워터프루프 펜 아이라이너). Now that I have both of them on my hands I can do my very first comparison !

Familiar face maybe ? It's Lee Hyo-ri who's the face of many CLIO Professionals eyeliners among with Sandara Park. Due to the enormous popularity of these liners in Korea these are more known as "Lee Hyo-ri eyeliners": the pen liner sold as much as 20,000 pcs in only two weeks after it being reveled in markets.

I hadn't actually ran in to this whole CLIO brand before heading to Korea. Bought my first one for about 9 € from Olive Young which is a store selling all sorts of cosmetics and accessories for an affordable price. You can find them pretty much in every corner of Seoul.

CLIO isn't marketed internationally like brands such as Etude House or Tony Moly so these are rather hard to find from online shops. The ones that I could find in eBay were all around $17-20 where as the ones in Gmarket are $8 in which you need to add Gmarket's enormous shipping costs too so they are pretty much the same prize.

Both pens are the same size. You can tell them apart due to the grey-ish color of the pen liner ! Packaging is very simple and practical in both of them so no complaints about that ! I was happy that the text didn't scratch away as in some Korean products that I have.

I got both of these in the color "Kill Black", since I don't really mind using any other color at the moment. They were both available in three colors: pen liner in "Kill Black", "Kill Brown" and "Kill Blood" (sounds rather scary to me) and the brush liner in "Black" and "Kill Black", in which "Kill Black" is apparently the blacker black, and "Kill Brown". That was quite confusing. 

Here's a comparison picture of the tips of both liners. In the top most picture you can see the pen liner on the left and brush liner on the right. One can really tell that the pen liner is quite much thicker, but unlike it's marker kind of hard appearance, it's actually as soft as any other brush liner !

Brush liner gives you a lot more thinner lines whereas pen liner gives you a thicker line. Even though these are both in the same "Kill Black" -color, I think that the pen liner comes with a more intense and deep finish than the brush liner. Also I previously mentioned how my CLIO brush liner always starts to dry after a few strokes. The pen liner didn't do that to me, so I guess I'd say that it would be the better one out of these two.

Packaging also promises that these eyeliner's would be waterproof and yes - they really were. They didn't start to spread once I applied some water on top of them. Only after scrubbing them a bit. I was quite surprised to find out how much better the pen liner stays on after rubbing them with water compared to the brush liner D: But you can clearly see from the very fist picture in this collage that the pen liner (on top) settles on heavier and also even spreads on the little wrinkles on my arms. The pen liner is quite much richer in color, whereas the brush liner is a lot more dry.

Though you can get a little more precise finish with the brush liner, I still think that the pen liner's quality is much better. With pen liner you can also get quite thin finish if you're careful with not pressing the eyeliner on your lid too heavily while applying it on.

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