maanantai 3. kesäkuuta 2013

catch up & old notd's

Summer holiday is finally here and it doesn't feel like one at all even though it is 30 degrees warm outside right now ! I even managed to get completely sunburned about a week ago due to not wearing sun lotion for a little walk with my dog. I've always been quite cautious about using sun lotion every day at summer since I tend to get burnt so easily, but seriously. I was out for only around one hour D: My chest still looks like one of a boiled lobsters. I guess that it has no time to heal since I'm running outside under sun all day long everyday.

Maybe it was because of the exam week this year that the sudden start of summer holiday got me by a surprise. Had so much stress due to two history exams that I spent pretty much 5 days a row by only reading books. After doing the last exam of this year I was pretty much feeling empty. Do I even have any summer plans ? Not anything too big. Seems like everyone else also has a summer job and then there's me without any haha.

On Friday I stuffed my huuuge backpack to it's fullest, got my dog and headed to cottage with my girls. We took a bus, changed to another one half an hour later and in the end walked over 8 kilometers to our final destination in 28 degrees hot weather. It was quite an long trip, but definitely worth it ! Watched three different movies, swam for the first time this summer, went fishing, got eaten by mosquitoes and you know - pretty basic summer things ♥

I've had a few cosmetics thingies to introduce to you for a while and there's more to come since I made a little order to Cosmetic Love and Gmarket not that long ago. Not sure if I'm gonna review all of them but there's at least one comparison coming up so wait for it ! (---------:

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