lauantai 29. kesäkuuta 2013

[review] clio - waterproof pen & brush liners

Oh yeah who turned 18 two days ago - me me ! I'm an adult now (------;

I'm back to bring you this review/comparison that I promised to write ages ago. Some of you might remember the eyeliner that I bought from Korea back in February. It was CLIO Professional's Waterproof Brush Liner (브러쉬 스타일의 아이라이너) in Kill Black and I was quite happy with it.... for a while. After a few days of use I noticed how it always started to "dry out" in the middle of lining my eyes. I decided to go back to my previous eyeliner since I got annoyed with it.

I ran into CLIO's cosmetics again in Gmarket so I decided to give a shot for one of the other eyeliners in the same collection - Waterproof Pen Liner (워터프루프 펜 아이라이너). Now that I have both of them on my hands I can do my very first comparison !

sunnuntai 23. kesäkuuta 2013


Whatsuuuuup ~ I'm back with a few pictures of midsummer festival ! Didn't do anything too special this year - just spent some time with my family and a few family friends at cottage. I can't help but love midsummer fest aka. JUHANNUS, since it always gives me this summer-y feeling.

This time it was too cold for that though. "Super hot juhannus" was written all around the Finnish news, but surprisingly it was rainy + cold at Kannonkoski where I spent my midsummer argghh so typical.

But now that the "longest day" in Finland is over it means that we are slowly heading towards winter yuck yuck ~ Hope that we could soon get real summer weather with sunshine !

tiistai 18. kesäkuuta 2013

ocean of light

Seems like I completely forgot the existence of my blog..... again.

I dropped a few orders on eBay, Cosmetic-Love and Gmarket some time ago and almost all of the things have now safely arrived to Finland. So happy to buy some cosmetics after some while !

Once again purchased a new BB cream: Lioele's Dollish Veil Vita. Still looking for one that will replace my ultimate love Skin79's Hot Pink. Have tried so many, but all of them have turned out too dark/orange for me... Also Prime Youth Snail Emulsion from Holika Holika and a Skin Mal:gem toner from Etude House. I actually ran out of my previous toner (only few drops left) so this came just in time !

maanantai 3. kesäkuuta 2013

catch up & old notd's

Summer holiday is finally here and it doesn't feel like one at all even though it is 30 degrees warm outside right now ! I even managed to get completely sunburned about a week ago due to not wearing sun lotion for a little walk with my dog. I've always been quite cautious about using sun lotion every day at summer since I tend to get burnt so easily, but seriously. I was out for only around one hour D: My chest still looks like one of a boiled lobsters. I guess that it has no time to heal since I'm running outside under sun all day long everyday.