torstai 9. toukokuuta 2013

you deserve better

What's up ? I'm back to share you my little Gmarket haul. Placed my order on 27th of April and it was shipped out 2nd of  May and arrived on 7th ! 

Ordered a backpack similar to the one that I was supposed to buy in Korea but it was sold once I got to the place where I first saw it. I was actually planning on buying a MCM backpack from Korea and visited the MCM stores three times in total just to cry while looking at the price. One day I'll buy one ♥

I like this one a lot too ! Was afraid that those studs will look like shit since most of the backpacks I saw in Korea had those stud rows all mixed up (not straight you know), but luckily they were just fine !

₩19,800 & ₩28,800
I love that shirt soo much ! ♥ It's long enough from the back and front to go as a dress, but I don't dare to wear it as one since it's somewhat short from the sides hah. I guess it'll go with leggings :----) That other shirt just looked simply gorgeous here so I had to get it hah ~


That skull detail is gorgeous plus this has a see through back !

₩15,900 & ₩14,900

Asdfghjkl I love those golden snake print leggings ! Won't be wearing them that much now that the summer is coming since the material is just way too .... non-breathing ? I think I'd die wearing these in +20 degrees warmness haha.

The leopard print ones aren't as wild as they look since they are all black from the back ! The print is kind of weird-ish but I still like them !

₩18,900 & ₩13,900

I was really in a need of new sweat pants since it feels like all the ones that I had were stained and kind of worn out looking D: I'm really liking the charcoal colored ones and I dare to say that the star printed ones are the most comfiest pants in the world.

Some random buys too ! I ran out of my previous top coat and finally had the chance to try out Seche Vite. Got my self new foundation and jogging shoes ~ Very irrelevant but yaaay !

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  1. IHANIA rakastuin noihin tähtihousuihin :3 ♥ Oon itekin miettinyt joitain tommosia löysiä printtihousuja! MCM reppu olis kyllä unelma ;___; ehkä sitten joskus.

    1. No äläs itsekkin tykkäilen kovasti ! ^^ Ja kyllä tää tästä kunhan joku äkkirikastuminen yllättää D:

  2. Hi Annika!
    Love the bag that you got :)
    Thanks for following me! I'm following you back :)