maanantai 20. toukokuuta 2013

new start / 내일 부터 잘하지말고 오늘부터 잘하자 ~

Had a brief moment of inspiration yesterday and came up with new layout for my blog kind of hoping that it'd give a little boost for my blogging. I also got rid of a whole lot of old blog posts (didn't dare to remove all of them though) and now I'm gonna state this blog post as "the starter" or "the new page in my life (read: blog)". I still don't kind of know what I'm supposed to do with this blog since it has no clear idea - just me occasionally babbling about this and that for my own fun as if I had nothing better to do hah

Since yesterday night I've been also really thinking about what am I really planning to do with my life and trying to organize all my thoughts and stuff. One year of high-school left for me and I still have no idea about what my future career would be like, but as I've previously mentioned I'm still eager to put my self out there and study abroad (after all my previous exchange year plans got all screwed up). The more I think about it the more confident I feel about it, though I still have some insecurities regarding having to leave my little doggy behind lol.

I have always thought of my life as a pretty boring one and I constantly keep waiting for my life to start. It's not like I have no life in here though. I know a bunch of really good people and I appreciate them and the things we do together - a lot. I feel kind of bad saying that I want to move out of here and experience other things in the other side of globe far away from them, as if this wasn't good enough for me - it's just something so much different that I'm really looking forward to experience right now (and have been looking forward to for years actually). It's also not about me completely hating Finland or anything. Everything has it's good and bad sides. Again it's all just about wanting to experience new things, meeting new people and learning about life. It's the way of life that I'm looking for at the moment.

Okay that's it for all the deep shit :----) Had this kind of feeling today. I have had pretty many sleepless nights lately thinking about all these things (after having gone as far as looking for the best accommodation to use when finally getting my life together woops got too excited). But for god's sakes it'll take almost two years before I have no chance of going anywhere haha. Also who knows if I suddenly want to become a doctor or a lawyer or something after a year ! It just makes me feel better to have some sort of plan for future.

Yes I got overly excited with that circular effect thingy on those photos ~

4 kommenttia:

  1. I love your new layout.. I just finished my first uni degree- and I'm still trying to figure out which path I want to go down.
    Enjoy your last year of high school, I miss being in high school so much!

    Goodluck with everything!

  2. I always want the same dream as yours. To move out and see the other part of the world, explore and experience different things. Must be very nice! What a life(:

    I like your layout. The korean hangeul are pretty^^

    Dreamy Princess

    1. Yeah- it would be quite an adventure, wouldn't it ? ^^

      Thank you for your comment ♥