keskiviikko 10. huhtikuuta 2013

love blossom

Ooooops I guess my blog kind of died for a while ~ I've been surprisingly busy though I can't recall doing anything too special lately ~ I've done so much school things this spring that I can't even believe it by myself... I've never really done anything during my almost 2 years in high school but this period (, which btw ends in two days !!♥) has made me work my ass of with all kind of stuff D: I have also been calling Ji-young every other day, enjoyed the sunshine outside and finished 광고천재 이태백 in one weekend. Okay... haven't been that busy afterall lol. Oh and I started my driving school this week so it'll keep me busy for a while !

Believe me or not, but I have a super annoying shopping fever going on. I just spent most of my savings in Korea and now I feel like like ordering every single thingy from the internet online shops. What's wrong with me ;__;  And I was supposed to save some money....... Well I'm always supposed to save money *sigh*

Magazine for my finnish course (and in english wtf) and studying for history exam 

Now that all the snow has melted from the roads and my knee allows me to run around I've slowly started jogging again and aaah it feels great ♥ Too bad that it's still freezing outside - I can't wait to go out in t-shirt and shorts only. SUMMER PLEASE HURRY UP.

Nailpolishes I used:

Classics Metallic - 11 
Makeup Store - Alma
OPIPirouette My Whistle
Maybelline Colorama - French White
CG - Liquid Leather
CG - Tinsel Town
Mavala - New York
Delia Coral - 407

Mavala - Lemon Cream
Prorance 08 (Crackle)

I've had problems with my knee ever since my prom and I've had joint fluid removed from my knee already three times so last week I went to visit a doctor to get some tests done. Today he called me to inform that my joint had some inflammation it so I have to eat all sorts of medicine for two damn months ㅜㅜ Hope that they won't get swollen again in the near future...

Have some awesome songs to celebrate this ah-so-gorgeous spring season with ~ ^^ ♥
*still spazzing about the morning I saw the first swans this year*
I must be somewhat crazy.

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