perjantai 26. huhtikuuta 2013

lay back

Hello people and long time no see ! Yes yes haven't blogged for a while AGAIN. And that's pretty much cause I'm just way too lazy to take pics of anything that I've been doing these days. Just touched the camera for the first time in over than a month today yay for me.

Now that I still remember I'm gonna tell you about my Bloglovin' account since the Google Friend Connect is shutting down or smth. Check it out here: Seuraa blogiani Bloglovinin avulla

What have I been doing lately ? Friends birthday, driving lessons, partying with a bunch of Italian people that were visiting our school, hanging out with friends..... Ordered some food with friends and I got some sort of crazy tummy ache from eating a chicken mozzarella roll thingy which tasted way too good. And now I'm having a flu too wohoo ~ Don't care - the weather is too awesome lately to just stay at home ! :-----)

Okay have to admit that I've also watched 13 episodes of You're the Best Lee Soon-shin in less than two weeks haha. It has been a while since I was really addicted to a kdrama - this is just so good and I love the characters so much !

I'm also finally having sports at school after a long time so I'm feeling a lot more active lately. Good variation for jogging ! I have two courses of finnish history in this period and gooosh it's just way too boring. I'm dying in school lately though I've only 4 courses rn D:

PU leather jacket: Only 59,95 €, Tiger top: Gina Tricot 7,95 €
Grey top: Gina Tricot: 9,95, Sports bra: Gina Tricot  14,95 €

Did some shopping today and will also order some Gmarket thingies later today. I also found awesome shoes/sandals/flip-flops whatever from city center, but I'm still wondering whether to buy them or not. SO EXPENSIVE. I can't help but cringe every time that I go shopping. Why Finland why ~ ?

And lastly random nail pics ~

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