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korea haul

Finally it's the time to introduce you guys what I bought in Korea wohoo ~ 

I have really no idea about how much money I spent during my stay in there, but I think that it was actually a lot less than I thought that I'd use. Still have some money left haha. I actually kind of ran out of time for shopping (as well as time for all kind of other stuff too) so I think I missed a whole lot of things while running around the shopping centers just trying to buy everything that looks nice and is cheap-ish.

New babies ♥ All of them around 800 ₩ - 8000 
Holika Holika - 03 아쿠아마린 (Magic Pop Glitter -line)
Innisfree - 126 열대어 무리
The Face Shop - PK101

Prorance / 프로랑스 - 08
The Face Shop - BL601
The Face Shop - GR506

I was in a nail polish heaven - literally. There's actually one nail polish missing from the pictures above. I was also looking for the Etude House LUCIDarling line (like the one I have in gold here and here) from the shops all around the Seoul but they didn't have them anywhere... Well not ANYWHERE but I really went through a lot of shops they were all sold out :----( Really love that polish and would like to have it in other colors too. Maybe later from Gmarket (;

Again - bought a new BB Cream, this time from Etude House. This too was a bit too dark for me D: Guess I should have taken the lightest tone after all. It seemed pretty nice in the store... I like the application sponge thingy in this though it kind of feels pretty unhygienic to me in a long term use. Still - very nice. Hope to get some tan next summer *cough cough never*

Super pigmented lip tint - so red ! It's Innisfree's 5 여름 햇살 레드My previous Etude House is nothing compared to this one. Can't really layer this one, so intense color with one layer only.

Can't remember the price *sob

Bought this Almond Moisture Nail Essence from Skin Food ! My cuticle oil is just about to end so I wanted something to replace it. It's kind of hard to get the right amount of product with this though... See - way too much with one squeeze !

Red Apple Hand Cream ! All the Tony Moly's products in these damn fruit berry or whatever themed containers are adorable. And the fact that the products smells exactly like the authentic fruits etc. is awesome ! There couldn't be more apple-like smell than this one ♥ I really loved all the hand creams and didn't know which ones to choose - bought them in all three different scents and gave the other two to my bff's as souvenirs haha.

14 400

Again wanted to buy another eyeliner and this CLIO's set kind of thingy had also a mascara in it. Don't know about the quality yet. Kind of afraid that this eyeliner is already drying - doesn't work as well as it used to during the very first times I used it. As for the mascara... haven't even tried it out yet lol.

I'm actually surprised about how little cosmetics I bought. Korea has all those gorgeous little shops in every corner but every time that I walked inside one I was just way too confused. So many things, some of what I had never heard of before. So many people, so little space to look around and waaay too many different options. If I just had a bit more time to get used to it all I wouldn't have just stood there with my mouth open like wtf are all these things around me.

Starting from 1000 ₩ / set 
5000 ₩, 15 000 ₩, 5000 
- , 5000 ₩, 10 000 
5000 ₩, 5000 
10 000 ₩, - 
5000 ₩, 5000 ₩, 8000 
Just realized that I forgot to take pictures of two more shirts haha. Oh and a new winter jacket !! ♥

Dictionary: 27 000 
Textbook: 16 000 

Workbook: 10 000 
Finally bought myself Korean books. Studying from internet is some seriously stupid shieet really ㅜㅜ Now it's over oh yeah ! Had hard time looking for a good dictionary since all the pocket sized ones were Korean-English only and I didn't want one that was way too big. Now that one is right in the middle haha. 

There were just way too many books to choose from I compared them for a good while before buying. Since I've previously heard about the fact that Ewha Womens University's Korean books are quite a good I decided to give them a shot :----)

Still missing a few things lol.
Not only did I buy things for me, but also a lot of souvenirs for my family and of course my two favorite girls here in Finland ^^ No matter where I went I was like "GAAAHH I need to buy this for my friend" and I think I kind of spoiled them by bringing so many clothes and cosmetics for them lol.

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