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korea days 9 & 10 - 잠실, 강남 ~ ✈ 핀란드

Used fork for the first time in 8 days lol missed this

Ahh. Last days in Korea here we go ~

I promised to do some crazy final shopping with So-young on Sunday. After all, I'd have to leave on the very next morning :-----( *still feeling sad of coming back to Finland*

Before heading to Jamsil I visited Hyun-jin's church and after the service (, which was very.... interesting haha) I went to eat to a kindergarten with aaaall the people who were attending the service that day (a lot) ! There was a big punch of little kids too and they were just way too adorable haha ♥

quality pictures !

After eating I took the subway to Gangnam and transferred like a pro to another subway line and finally found my way to Jamsil. Yes I learned to use subways on my own - proud of myself lol. I walked around for a while and luckily I was the only blonde person around so it wasn't that hard for So-young to find me !

We went through all the shops in Jamsil station and then went to CO-EX. Thought it was way too expensive for my taste after all the overly cheap things in the placed I had visited before we just stopped by a book store gosh I love Korean book stores and also had something to eat.

Then we chose to go to Gangnam AGAIN TO SHOP. We went through the shops for maybe two hours and then decided to leave the underground shops for a while and go up to look for Olive Young in the streets. After I ran out of money and fought my way to a bank and So-young lost her phone and found it again we ran back to the very same shopping center that we started from hoping to get some cold incredibly awesome bubble tea just like the last time haha. We rested for some while and then continued our crazy shopping ! I had both my hands filled with plastic bags + I had stuffed five of them to my bag too. At around 9 pm we gave up and it was time for the very last farewell ~

I was back at Hyun-jin's place at around 10. I started packing my bags and Hyun-jin's mom made me wear a hanbok and we took some pictures together with Hyun-jin. I had a nice family-tea-time moment with her, her parents and older brother. Miss them too ! ♥

The very next morning I woke up at six, ate in hurry, packed my final things and said last bye-byes. I was at airport bus at around 7:30 and was dozing off all the time during the bus ride. I think I even fell asleep for a few minutes though I tried really hard to stay awake to remember the moment later on. The weather was really blue and cloudy. Not as nice as it was when I first time arrived to Korea...

I had about five kilos too much weight in my bags. I also had one additional bag with me that I got from Hyunjin's dad because I couldn't get all my things to fit into my luggage lol. Was kind of afraid that they'd make me pay for that but they didn't even mention it at Incheon - great !

I really love Incheon airport. I don't know if it was the time or what but there were so little people that I was very comfortable wondering around the tax free area, watched TV and ate some ice cream too hah. I left Korea at around 11:15.

Flight was actually pretty nice. I watched 8 episodes of Big Bang Theory as well as one movie and listened to both finnish and korean pop. This time no one sat next to me so I was able to sit comfortably on two seats with my other DAMN KNEE, which also was swollen. Once I arrived at Helsinki I had plenty of time to go around but instead I just sat in my boarding gate for two hours texting to my friends in Korea and eating Finnish candies omnom. My second flight was no problem too though the flight time got delayed for half an hour due to crazy snowing.

Once I arrived to Tikkakoski I had my dog waiting for me in the car ♥ Missed him sooo much. My mom and I bought some pizza to eat and half an hour later Minna came to my place to look for her souvenirs bwahah ♥

That's it then. My trip to Korea :----( So sad that it's over. Now that I finished writing it all here too it I actually get the fact that it really is over *sob*. Been in Finland for a week now and it will take at least one year until I possibly can go abroad again shieeet.

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  1. After reading your posts... I'm waiting even more for my own trip to Korea:'D ♥

  2. Vastaukset
    1. Lol you don't :-----D I looked like an exhausted sh*t in those pics hahah.

  3. and your pic with Soyoung is cute :3