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korea days 5, 6 & 7 - 강남 & 다른 친구 집

On my fifth day 27.03. in Korea I was able to sleep long for the first time in days. Ji-young had some work to do so I spent the morning with So-young by slowly eating breakfast and watching TV haha. At around 12 we headed to the city and went to shopping in Gangnam. Also ate heavenly ddeokbokki and drank the best bubble tea ever. Ahh miss those things ♥ 

Once I got back to Jamsil it started to be the time for me to pack my bags and move to my other friends place ~ She was at hagwon so I met her sister at Gangnam at around 8 pm and we took a subway to her place. It was so weird for me to see Hyun-jin after such a long time. We were just staring at each other like "lololol what is this" :-----D ♥

The very next day we went to Gangnam at around 10 to have some coffee and talk since the previous day we didn't have that much time. After that I met her friend Nu-ri and we continued our trip to some sort of YFU meet-up where I just barged with them lol it was awkward

After we finished there the three of us spent some time at the city and then I went to visit Hyun-jin's school. Her school was starting again in couple of days so we checked out her class rooms and stuff. Also met some of her teachers haha.

At eve Hyun-jin had some homework stuff to do and she visited hagwon again. I went grocery shopping to E-mart with her mom and dad and we met Hyun-jin there. I really love the area around her home. It had this big city vibe in it but it still wasn't too crowded ! You could actually see some stars from her place - countryside-ish indeed lol.

Yeeah. Since Hyun-jin was very busy with school things I spent pretty much time with her parents. They didn't really speak any English so it was somewhat interesting at times haha.

Next morning I visited their church with Hyun-jin's dad. Her mom and some of her friends were doing some sort of flower decoration things in there and they gave me some flowers too ♥ I took way too many pictures with those ahjummas. Such a weird sight I was.

la selca time 

After we got back from the church I actually had some time to open my school books for matriculation exams lol. Oh and I painted my nails too ~ With new nailpolished oh yeahh. Then maybe after one hour I went grocery shopping with Hyun-jin's dad again. He just ran around the store and looked for things that I could taste for free haha. I loved oranges there. So good ! And strawberries and cherry tomatoes ♥ We also visited a bakery and he said me to choose four things that I wanted to eat and bought them all plus one thing of his choice :----D

Random food pics
Incredibly awesome ramyun made by Hyun-jin's dad for omnom. I also cooked some kimbab with Hyun-jin's sister and it was sooo good ! I've never really liked sushi that much, but this is so much better !

After finishing eating I went to have some coffee with Hyun-jin's older brother and his friend. We also walked around a lot in the area though it was freezing. Minus degrees plus some crazy wind. His friend was freezing so we had to stop by for another coffee too lol. Was back at around 12, ate some candies that Hyun-jin's dad always was carrying to me, showered and finally went to sleep. And slept like crazy.

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