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korea days 1 & 2 - 잠실, 명동, 이대 & 남산

Yesterday I arrived back to boring Finland. I really had the best time of my life during the past 10 days and I'm already missing Korea. Loved it so much there  Still I have to admit that back in Korea I really missed my very own bed and my doggy.

My departure and flight went fine even though I had no idea how to proceed at the airport ! Unfortunately once I arrived to Incheon I found out that my luggage was left to Helsinki apparently thanks to Finnair's mistake hah so my luck !

Well. Once I did some paper work about my lost luggage with the hot airport staff I took a bus to Jamsil but wasn't able to inform my friend Ji-young about the time that I'd be arriving next to her place cause the free airport wi-fi cut off in the middle of texting lol.

The bus ride took about one hour and a half. It was such a crazy traffic and I so thought we were going to have a car accident sooner or later. The bus driver was just "아이씨-ing" all the time and I was holding my crazy smile and laughter for the whole drive. The weather couldn't have been better. I felt the suns warmth on my chins for the first time in months and ahh it was just perfect in every way ♥

So in the end I arrived to Jamsil and went to look for free wi-fi at Lotte World's lounge and called Ji-young there hahah.

Once Ji-young came to get me from the Lotte World we walked around for a while, talked and then went to take my things, the little amount that I had with me, to her place. I charged my phone, washed my face and did my make-up again and we went back to Jamsil. We bought some donuts and coffee from Dunkin Donuts and I finally informed my parents about my whereabouts. After finishing she showed me around Jamsil Station's shopping center kind of a place and then we got back to home. Also got a call from Incheon airport saying that I could get my luggage the next day since Finnair flies to Korea daily wohoo ~ At the eve I just chatted with Ji-young and her little sister So-young , watched TV and ordered some chicken to eat.

For some reason I wasn't sleepy at all even after being up for two days a row haha :-------D Just happily jumping around ~ I really fell in love with their parents, especially her mother hah. She was afraid that I'd catch a cold since I didn't use a blow dryer for my hair so she took a towel and helped my to dry it ; - ; She was also all the time worrying if I had eaten or not or if my bed, which had a heater thing on it, was warm enough. So adorable

My very first real one EVER
The next day I went to a close by Starbucks with Ji-young to see her friend Mu-jin who was preparing for a job kind of interview. He needed to get that interview done in English and we went to help him with coming up with the answers for the questions etc ~ He also promised to take me around the Seoul the next day since Ji-young had something else to deal with at that time :---)

Then Ji-young and me headed to Myeong-dong - the crazy shopping paradise for tourists. The amount of free samples that I got in less than two hours was just crazy! Perfect Korea, perfect. Don't know if I should do a separate blog post about everything that I bought D: Maybe some of them ~

After that we headed to Idae to take a quick look at Ewha University and stopped by for some coffee too. Then we looked around the shops at Idae and I managed to find sooo many clothes. After some shopping there we took a bus to Hong-dae hoping to see some Indie bands but didn't find any lol. Just walked around for a while and then headed to the next location - Namsan.

We took a cable car to the Namsan Montain where Namsan Tower is located. Saw this gorgeous little shrine kind of a thing there and fell in love hah ♥ We also watched an epic light show before heading up to the tower.

It's just gorgeous isn't it. Was supposed to take my tripod there with me but since I didn't have my luggage with me I didn't have it - that's why such bad pics *sob*.

We went back to Ji-young's apartment already after 8 pm to see if my luggage had arrived but no. Ji-young called the airport a few times and they managed to eventually deliver my things with a freaking motorcycle to Ji-young's home at 10:05 pm :----D So cool. Love you Incheon love you Korea hahaha. Everything works so well there.

Other parts coming soon !

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  1. Heippa ! Eksyin sattumalta tähän sun blogii ja kulutinki mukavasti iltaa täällä lukemalla näitä sun postauksia !:) Ite oon kans tosi kiinnostunu koreasta ja sinne päin suunnittelen matkaa juuri :) Haluisin vaa kysyy että miten oot tutustunu tuohon Ji-youngiin, asuitko hänen luonaan vai hotellissa ton sun matkan aikana ja kommunikoitko englanniksi vai koreaksi ?:P

    1. Hah kiva kun postaukset viihdytti ! ^^

      Joskus aikojen alussa tutustuin Ji-youngiin netissä ja kirjoiteltiin pidemmän aikaa sähköpostiviestejä + läheteltiin kirjeitä. Myöhemmin meni kuitenkin enemmän Facebook keskusteluihin jne tuo homma ~ Viitisen vuotta ollaan nyt tunnettu ! :-----)

      Asuin joo Ji-youngin luona puolet ajasta ja puolet toisen kaverin luona. Puhuttiin kyl ihan englantia Ji-youngin kanssa, mutta esim sen vanhemmille jouduin puhumaan jatkuvasti Koreaa kun eivät englantia osanneet ja yllätyin ihan itsekin miten hyvin siitä selvisin !! D: