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korea day 8 - 서울대학교, 피자, 오케스트라 & 중국 식당

On Saturday I met Mu-jin at 11 am in Gangnam ! We went to see his school Seoul National University, which is also known as the best university in Korea D: Was pretty surprised to find out that some parents actually bring their 7 years old children there to look around like "this is where you can come to if you study hard enough". Hello - I didn't know what university was until like... one year ago geeez.

The university area was enormous. We actually took a bus to go from another building to another and stopped for some coffee in the middle hahah. Korea is just completely different level from Finland.

After we had enough of touring at the university we took a bus and went to meet Ji-young at some nearby Pizza Hut ! Ordered some pretty good pizza, though not as good as you could get in Finland, and spent there quite a while eating and talking.

Then we walked maximum 30 meters to another location: Smoothie King and sat there for about two hours hahah. Mu-jin ordered me that damn mega size strawberry smoothie thingy and I thought I could never eat anything strawberry related again.

They actually made me a pinkie promise to come to Finland in the next two years - either this summer or the one after that :----D We got so excited and already planned everything from Mu-jin's bear hunting with Rippe to awesome midnight swimming/diving and ofc partying lolol. Ahh how great would it be if it really worked out... I miss these people so much ♥♥

After some while I had to hurry to meet Hyun-jin's mom at some arts center cause I promised to go and see some orchestra thing with her ! It was quite interesting. I felt like some high-class super civilized person listening to classical music tehehe. It's quite new to me really :-----D

After the show we took a bus back to Seongnam and went to a chinese restaurant to meet some of Hyun-jin's family friends or something like that ! 

Tofu, shrimps, shells, octopus and stuff.
We ordered way too much food. There were 7 of us (2 little boys, their parents, Hyun-jin, her mom and me) and we had about 10 plates and we ate only about half of them like wtf. So much food went to waste D:

But the food was interesting - I had waited all my trip for the moment that I could taste an octopus and now that time had come ! They had these awesomely cute little two centimeters big octopuses in that noodle thing. Thought they'd be somewhat slimy or something, but in the end they were just super chewy and didn't really taste that weird either. Kind of a disappointment actually :---( There were also some other super weird sea creatures in the food that the boys said that had like 10 feet or something ahahah. I have no idea what I ate. I also hadn't tasted shells before, so was very excited to eat them too but mehh. They were just like the octopus was - super hard to chew.

That's it for my food adventure. Again we were eating for about two hours and were back to Hyun-jin's home after 12. How can people eat these kinds of things in the middle of night ?

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  1. To have a good future is very important for Koreans (or their parents want it). Every Korean I know is studying or want to study o.O
    OMG, PIZZA!!! *Q* I'm hungry~ T.T omg, more food. I'm dying x_x
    Haha xD the main thing is that it tasted good :'D

    1. I know right... Crazy people - I wouldn't survive ㅜㅜ