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korea day 3 - 고려대학교, 종묘, 인사동

Hello again ! Time for the day three of my Korea trip.

Mu-jin picked me up with his friend from Ji-young's place at around 10 o'clock and we took a bus to Korea University where one of their friend was having a graduation ceremony ! Felt kind of weird barging into other peoples party haha. Everyone just stared at me like "dafuq is she doing here??" lol.

Looking gorgeous (y)
Met so many new people and I can't even remember all of their names. About 3 out of 10 ? Had awesome time and it was cool how everyone was so interested to know who I was and where I came and so on haha. I'm officially the "hyvä hyvä girl" now !

Went to eat to a samgyopsal (how to write it without hangul??) place with a big group to eat and drink. I had just too much fun with these guys lol. The restaurant had these awesome meat grilling things in there that I had previously seen only in Korean dramas. My eyes got really irritated from the smoke though ~

By the way they actually served Finnish meat at that restaurant, randomly spotted it from the menu. As for me, it was pretty easy to not to eat meat at all during my trip. Of course Korean food is pretty much meat meat meat all the time but still! Ate two kind of weird soups another one was that top pictures spicy thing and the other one was some egg soup thing that looked so disgusting in the picture that I just decided to not to post it here lol. Also ate a bit of Mu-jin's naengmyeon and found it super weird :----D Lastly they also ordered me that bowl of albab that you can see in the very last picture. Had some rice, fish eggs and seaweed in it - pretty good ! These people eat waaaay too much... I couldn't keep up with them hah. 

After we finished eating and had talked for a while Mu-jin and I headed to the Namdaemun market, which is pretty much traditional kind of market filled with food and fabrics. Interesting place really ! Saw some very suspicious looking food in there.

After that we went to Jongmyo shrine and had a tour guide to show us around with a few other tourists and it was just waaay too awkward and dead silent and all. Mu-jin and I were all "ehhh ~ ㅜㅜ" to all her jokes and we silently escaped before the end of the touring lol.

Some ahjussis playing baduk 

After that Mu-jin showed me around the Insadong's shopping street which is filled with all kind of traditional shops selling stuff like handicrafts, antique and souvenir stuff. There were sooo many tourists in there D: We went to a cafe and had some tea before continuing our trip ~


Can't believe that we actually got these photo stickers taken bwahahah. Said to Mu-jin how cool it'd be to go and take these when we passed these little shop in Insadong, but I never really thought about going in since just the though of going into a little box and changing clothes made me cringe after such a long day. I was just too tired and said to him that I'd really regret it later but I don't want to go there now. We walked for a while and when coming back he just said "let's go" and dragged me to the shop :--------D  I was just holding my laughter for the whole time it was just too hilarious. Ahh so happy that we went there in the end - thank you ! 

Oh and I also promised the shop keeper to promote his photo sticker shop so everyone who is visiting the area - go ! It's really worth going though it might take a bit long with all the costume changing and stuff hahah.

Later on the eve when watching historical drama from TV at Ji-young's place I just couldn't help but laugh at this thing. Not gonna wear hanboks for a while now that's for sure :-----D

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  1. Eikä, katoin että tossa tokassa kuvassa sun takana oli Daito Shunsuke XDD en kestä...

    Sun reissu kuulostaa hirmu kivalta~ ´w`

    1. Se aito ja oikea lol (; 
      Mietin kyl itekki et se muistuttaa ihan hitosti jotain japsinäyttelijää DD: