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korea day 4 - 덕수궁, 창덕궁, 애견카페 & 노래방

On the fourth day of my trip I ran all day around Seoul with Ji-young. We decided to see some temples - culture day ! First we headed to Doksu-gung, a palace in the pretty middle of Seoul.

I was pretty much running around like "GAAAHHH !!! !♥" all the time. All the little details of the buildings were so fascinating. Ji-young also did the best she could in answering all of my questions hah. Love these historical things too much ! I also took way too many pictures dafuq should I do with them?

Ughhh my hair looked like shit for the whole day. DOSE BANGS COME ON
After going through all the buildings we decided to head to the next location, Changdeok-gung, by walk so we could see a lot of things on the way. Have no idea how long we walked - it was pretty long way !

Fell in love with these Hodukwaja things ;__; These have some sort of mashed walnuts in them and as much as I understood red bean paste too? Correct me if I'm wrong since I'm not sure, but the taste is super good ♥ I actually ate these twice that day lol. Ahh miss these......

Yi Sun-shin's statue and Korean flag. Don't know if that flag is there all around the year, but the independence movement day was close which is why you could see the flags everywhere all around the city.

That huge gate is Gwanghwamun, which leads to Gyeongbok-gung I was supposed to visit there that day too, but it was closed on Mondays so couldn't go :----( It was actually the palace that I was looking forward seeing the most.


I visited Insadong again on the way to Changdeokgung. Once again trying out some street food, this time Hottok. They should make these half size smaller - way too sweet to eat completely haha :----D Had some melted SUPER HOT sugar inside it. Maistui aivan munkilta !

Pedo me taking secretly pics of little kids

After a looong walk we finally arrived to Changdok-gung. Walked around for a while and did our best to not die under the last bits of snow that came down from the roofs of the palace in a super crazy speed.

Once we had seen through all the buildings we headed to a dog cafe ♥ My favorite part of the day hahah. We actually spent there 2 hours just sitting, sipping cafe and watching the dogs running around. There were around twenty dogs in there at that moment, but not all of them were the owners. Some of the dogs living there had been rescued from poor conditions and abandoned by their previous owners. Aww poor things ㅠㅠ

People were able to take their own pets there too so that they can play with other dogs while the owners can relax, maybe have some tea and talk with other dog lovers ! You could also buy stuff for your dog there for example food and clothing. 

I made way too many friends lol. Most of the dogs were super exited and just jumped on me like "pick me you awesome human being". Crazy lap dogs ♥ I want one dog like that too, not as passive as my doggy :-----D All of them were so adorable and I literally smiled like crazy and had these weird "AWWW SO DAMN CUTE!!" -reactions all the time. Ji-young again wasn't that excited since she kind of fears dogs heh. Just sitting there like a stone all the time while dogs were playing under her chair hahah. But still it was her idea to go there - thank you Ji-youngaaa ♥ You have to visit that dog cafe once a week to get used to dogs before coming to Finland to see Rippe!

At nine we had to move to the next location in Gangnam where we met So-young and her friend! From there we continued our trip to Noraebang - song room aka KARAOKE. I really was looking forward to Korean karaoke and gaaahh it was crazy. We were jumping around and hitting our selves with tambourines and screaming our lungs out. The next morning we had bruises in our thighs and I probably had some kind of strain in my sole since it hurt like crazy. Everyone hurting everywhere and walking like some old grandpas bwahah. I REGRET NOTHING. Had too much fun.

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