sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2013

a type of life

Hellouuu I'm back ! My hiatus got a bit too long haha but there hasn't been anything too awesome going on lately anyway. Had my matriculation exam on Friday so basically I've been studying everyday since my trip - luckily my exam seemed to go pretty well ! :---)

Here comes my past 3 weeks briefly in pictures !

Studying, skiing and spending some dope time at cottage and.... that's.... kind of... it. Oh and I also did some little changes in my room since I got some new things and now it's awesome ! I really want to change my wall color once I have time. At summer ? Which reminds me of the fact that I also applied for a summer job ~ Last year I sent applications to 6 different places and didn't get even one so I thought that what's the use of trying this year but then I found this one awesome job and I really want it even if the pay was almost nothing. Really hope that I can get that place !!

Some nail thingies with ma new gorgeous nail polisheeees.
I've actually felt somewhat depressed lately. Everything is so stupid and mehh. I hate going to school everyday since it's that same boring shit all day long. I kind of looked forward to that Korea thing for more than half an year and now that it's over I'm like "ffuuuuu..........." at everything. It was just way too awesome time and now I'm kind of back to the reality you know. Ahh I just want back as soon as possible ㅠㅠ ♥

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