sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2013

a type of life

Hellouuu I'm back ! My hiatus got a bit too long haha but there hasn't been anything too awesome going on lately anyway. Had my matriculation exam on Friday so basically I've been studying everyday since my trip - luckily my exam seemed to go pretty well ! :---)

Here comes my past 3 weeks briefly in pictures !

tiistai 12. maaliskuuta 2013

korea days 9 & 10 - 잠실, 강남 ~ ✈ 핀란드

Used fork for the first time in 8 days lol missed this

Ahh. Last days in Korea here we go ~

I promised to do some crazy final shopping with So-young on Sunday. After all, I'd have to leave on the very next morning :-----( *still feeling sad of coming back to Finland*

Before heading to Jamsil I visited Hyun-jin's church and after the service (, which was very.... interesting haha) I went to eat to a kindergarten with aaaall the people who were attending the service that day (a lot) ! There was a big punch of little kids too and they were just way too adorable haha ♥

korea haul

Finally it's the time to introduce you guys what I bought in Korea wohoo ~ 

I have really no idea about how much money I spent during my stay in there, but I think that it was actually a lot less than I thought that I'd use. Still have some money left haha. I actually kind of ran out of time for shopping (as well as time for all kind of other stuff too) so I think I missed a whole lot of things while running around the shopping centers just trying to buy everything that looks nice and is cheap-ish.

lauantai 9. maaliskuuta 2013

korea day 8 - 서울대학교, 피자, 오케스트라 & 중국 식당

On Saturday I met Mu-jin at 11 am in Gangnam ! We went to see his school Seoul National University, which is also known as the best university in Korea D: Was pretty surprised to find out that some parents actually bring their 7 years old children there to look around like "this is where you can come to if you study hard enough". Hello - I didn't know what university was until like... one year ago geeez.

The university area was enormous. We actually took a bus to go from another building to another and stopped for some coffee in the middle hahah. Korea is just completely different level from Finland.

korea days 5, 6 & 7 - 강남 & 다른 친구 집

On my fifth day 27.03. in Korea I was able to sleep long for the first time in days. Ji-young had some work to do so I spent the morning with So-young by slowly eating breakfast and watching TV haha. At around 12 we headed to the city and went to shopping in Gangnam. Also ate heavenly ddeokbokki and drank the best bubble tea ever. Ahh miss those things ♥ 

Once I got back to Jamsil it started to be the time for me to pack my bags and move to my other friends place ~ She was at hagwon so I met her sister at Gangnam at around 8 pm and we took a subway to her place. It was so weird for me to see Hyun-jin after such a long time. We were just staring at each other like "lololol what is this" :-----D ♥

torstai 7. maaliskuuta 2013

korea day 4 - 덕수궁, 창덕궁, 애견카페 & 노래방

On the fourth day of my trip I ran all day around Seoul with Ji-young. We decided to see some temples - culture day ! First we headed to Doksu-gung, a palace in the pretty middle of Seoul.

keskiviikko 6. maaliskuuta 2013

korea day 3 - 고려대학교, 종묘, 인사동

Hello again ! Time for the day three of my Korea trip.

Mu-jin picked me up with his friend from Ji-young's place at around 10 o'clock and we took a bus to Korea University where one of their friend was having a graduation ceremony ! Felt kind of weird barging into other peoples party haha. Everyone just stared at me like "dafuq is she doing here??" lol.

tiistai 5. maaliskuuta 2013

korea days 1 & 2 - 잠실, 명동, 이대 & 남산

Yesterday I arrived back to boring Finland. I really had the best time of my life during the past 10 days and I'm already missing Korea. Loved it so much there  Still I have to admit that back in Korea I really missed my very own bed and my doggy.

My departure and flight went fine even though I had no idea how to proceed at the airport ! Unfortunately once I arrived to Incheon I found out that my luggage was left to Helsinki apparently thanks to Finnair's mistake hah so my luck !