lauantai 16. helmikuuta 2013

wanhat 2013

Finally posting about our prom or ball or whatever it's called ! The whole idea of "Wanhojen tanssit", as we call it in Finland, is 2nd year students celebrating becoming the eldest in our school. This awesome yet tiring day was actually on last weeks Friday. Our city had this thingy one week earlier than all the other high schools in Finland ~  Wouldn't probably go again if I had the chance... It was just way too much of fuss, yet super cool ♥

My day started by waking up at 7 which is actually later than on my normal school days hah. Did my make-up in hurry and brushed my teeth while my mom was helping me to put my dress on. I was at hair dresser at 8:30 and was ready 45 mins later.

Then I hurried to Hipposhalli which was the ugly place we had our prom at and we started our first dance at 10 am ! That dance was more like a practice dance before our final party at 6 pm. As much as I heard, everyone made a whole lot of mistakes on that show and our positions were all mixed up too hah.

After that we went to a restaurant to eat and later on I tried to fix my dress, which was way too long, with a needle, some thread and a few safety pins. My dress also kept dropping down. Not literally but it wasn't really tight enough and it kind of fell a little every time that I jumped and so on.

With Minna ♥
After performing all of our dances at the eve show at 6 pm all of us headed to after party ! I went to home to eat and change my clothes and back my bags. I was sooo tired and I actually changed to my pajamas and lied down for about 15 mins before finally changing to my party outfit. My heels were also killing my feet so it felt awesome to walk w/o 10 cm heels for a while. Soon everyone managed to find their way to the party destination at around 10 pm. Had really really awesome time with nice people, vodka and salmari ♥ Met new friends too ^^ Most of the people spent their night in there, but Minna, Nea and me decided to take a taxi and go back to our homes at 4 am.

This whole prom thing was just awesome. I was kind of disappointed of the ugly building we had to dance at though. Also there were as many as 800+ students dancing there, since there were all the high school students from Jyväskylä, so we couldn't dance all the dances we practiced at the real show - only half of them.  Still I was so glad that I was part of it - made life long memories and blah blah :----) ♥

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  1. Vaikka tuo paikka näyttää aika karmivalta silti se näyttää vähän kivalta kun kaikki nätit värikkäät mekot koristaa sitä:D sulla on ihana meikki^^

  2. Oli niin ihanaa tanssia vitun hipposhallissa mistä mun parhaat muistot on kolmosjaksolta ja telinevoimistelun tunnilta, missä tää mun jalka meni. Jouduin palaamaan samaan homeiseen ja rumaan ja pahaltahaisevaan rakennukseen tanssii siteen kanssa, joka illalla repi päällimmäistä ihokerrosta nilkasta irti <3
    Hipposhalli. Hyi. Sinne en mee enää _ikinä_. :D

    Sulla oli nii hieno tucca, sanoin vaa Punkille sillo että "joo kato mite hienosti annikalla on hiukset!" Oikeesti, ihan mahtavaa. Onneks oli kiva päivä eikä se ympäristö hirveesti pilannu. Paitsi kuvat.

    1. Aww voi sua :---D Nyt on puolestaan mulla jalka kappaleina hah. Oi ja kiitos itsekin tykkäsin vaikka vähän puudelilta näytinkin bwahah.