torstai 21. helmikuuta 2013

here we go

Tomorrow I'm heading to Korea oh yeah ~ ♥ Just bought the last souvenirs for Jin and Ji-young's family and I still have some packing to do. Then I'm all ready and also ready to start making scary scenarios of losing myself to the Incheon as well as Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Sorry in advance airport staff for having me as your nuisance ! :---------)

Ta.dah ~ More than a half of the stuff that I'll be taking there is souvenirs - a lot of room for all the stuff I'm gonna buy in there hah.

I'll be heading to Tikkakoski airport tomorrow after 12 and I'm gonna first fly from there to Helsinki-Vantaa. Then I'm gonna hang out some time in there until my final flight to Korea so it's gonna be a long day + after that I've got a whole day ahead since it's morning when I arrive. Ahh don't even wanna imagine how tired I'll be D:

Oh I got my knee fixed last Monday and it seems to be okay now. Had one of the scariest moments of my life Maybe the 2nd after the day that my doggy got into a pretty bad shape after being attacked. They sucked almost one deciliter of joint fluid with this huge needle (after of course anesthetizing it with ANOTHER DAMN NEEDLE) and it really wasn't too much of a pleasant feeling. Then they used yet another needle for putting cortisone in there for it to heal and stuff. As I am pretty damn afraid of needles I was about to faint in there + hyperventilated + they had to hold me down + I still had to hold my tears back even a half an hour later. Ahh panic... Next time they'll have to put me into sleep before doing anything.

Anyway that's okay now although the doctor said that it will hurt for couple of days. I wasn't supposed to move that much for a week but I've been pretty happily running around anyway hah.

So so...

I won't be updating during the time that I'm at Korea :-----( Can't take my dear laptop with me cause my mom is needing it. HOW CAN I ACTUALLY LEAVE MY LAPTOP WITH A STRANGER MY LIFELONG FRIEND (not even a year long friend...) WON'T SURVIVE W/O ME. I'm gonna miss this thing although it's only 10 days.

I'll be tweeting though... and you can also check out my Instagram once in a while :------)

Hyvää hiihtolomaa kaikille Suomessa ! ♥

8 kommenttia:

  1. You're so lucky :33 I want go to Korea too ^^

    1. Aww I know right - so thankful to my parents for letting me go and paying too ; - ;

  2. Toivottavasti sullekki tulee kiva matka :) Have fun!

  3. Waah kuulostaa kivalta:oo pidä hauskaa!! ^^ ja koita olla eksymättä xD haha :D

    1. Itse asiassa olen varautunut henkisesti eksymään ainakin sen viisi kertaa tällä menomatkalla hah. Paluumatkalle 10 (; Hauskaa tulee olemaan se on varma !