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100 facts

Last weeks nails !
Viikonloppua olen iloisesti vietellyt jalassa olevaa rasitusvammaa parannellen. Nivelnesteet paisuttanut mun oikean polven jalkapalloksi ja on se tässä nyt semmoiset 4 päivää reistaillut. Huomenna toivottavasti lääkäriin, että saa tämän jollain piikillä hoitoon ennen Korean reissua - tuskaa :----(

Aikaa kun on nyt tässä sängyssä lojumisen ja YO-kokeisiin lukemisen seassa ollut niin päätin pohtia elämäni syviä kysymyksiä ja kaivella 100 faktaa itsestäni omaksi huvikseni. Enjoy ~

I've happily spent my weekend by trying to heal a strain injury from my leg. Joint fluids have made my right knee swollen like a football and it's been like this for 4 days already. Hopefully I can go to see a doctor tomorrow so that this can be fixed before my trip to Korea - such a pain in the ass :----(

Now that I've had plenty of time whilst laying in my bed ans studying for my matriculation exam I decided to start thinking of deep questions of my life and dug up as many as 100 facts about myself for my own fun. Enjoy ~

Currency exchange on Monday
1. I love sleeping
2. I've loved killer whales since I don't even know - they're beautiful ;__; Actually cried the first time I saw them in real life few years back
3. I've got only 4 piercings - all in my ears. Want mooore ~
4. I love summer more than anything
5. I'm interested in human rights
6. As well as animal rights
7. I'm a semi-vegetarian = eat poultry and fish kind of things lol only
8. At weekends I clean my room in the middle of the night just because I love waking up in a clean room 
9. Jenkki Mint Mix is my all time favorite chewing gum
10. I love history A LOT

11. I love fashion and all but I don't find myself fashionable... at all hah
12. When I grow up (and have shitloads of money) I'm gonna 
travel like crazyyyyyhh
13. But I don't know about anything else
14. I wanted to become a "taking care of chimps in rain
 forest" -kind of a person a few years back but I don't know anymore
15. I love running in the forests lol. You know hiking and jumping around and stuff although I don't look like that at all
16. I've this one weird scar in my left hand's index finger from cutting pepper when I was little
17. I feel pretty anti-social at times. These people doesn't just interest me at all
18. Sometimes it's hard to find people to understand my thoughts since I don't have friends with similar interests as me
19. I've studied German for five damn years yet I can't speak it like at all
20. Juicy Couture's "Viva La Juicy" and Bruno Banani's "Pure Woman" are my absolute favorite shower gels - LOVE

31. Chicken is omnom
32. I love spending time at countryside
33. I had two turtles like this when I was little
34. And I used to look for these cute lizards at fields and all watery places and kidnap them as my pets *still ashamed*
35. AND I also had these as pets at some point too OKAY NOW IT SEEMS LIKE I WAS A WEIRD LITTLE GIRL lol I can't
36. Yes I love reptiles and I always have hah
37. But I also love all fluffy puffy animals too
38. And all kind of other animals as well
39. I don't believe in god
40. I find myself thinking religions are stupid time after time yet I'm doing my best to understand everyone who believes in something and so on

Valentines day w/ gurrrls on Thursday

41. I want to speak Chinese and Korean at least as fluently as I speak English one day
42. I get frustrated easily
43. I love having my own time
44. I don't find myself usually hating other people. There's probably only 3 people that I've really hated in my life
45. And I hate stuff such as taking revenge and continuous dissing of other people
46. Haven't dated even once in my life - have too high criteria
47. Wish there were someone though
48. But there isn't and I'm okay w/o as well !
49. I'd like to do more things in my life alone. Not always having someone backing me up
50. I love escaping all the shit around me by watching kdramas

51. As if I wasn't weird enough I love war movies/series/stuff, especially all the 2nd World War related ones
52. Gosh I love food
54. I wish it was already spring so that I could start jogging again. I love jogging to death ♥
55. I find politics pretty damn boring and I know nothing about them
56. Sour candies are THE BEST of all
57. I'm Twitter -addicted
58. But I hate people who spam all the fu*king time so that my timeline is filled with some crap
59. Sometimes I feel like I've completely lost my faith in humanity
60. My only non Korean celebrity crush is absolutely Will Smith *melts*

61. Also my only childhood crush was Johnny Depp since watching The Curse of the Black Pearl when it came out. It was my favorite movie for years
62. I love swimming. I'm soaking in our cottage lake like 10 hours a day every summer
63. But I don't like swimming in public beaches 
64. My self confidence is in zero lol
65. I've always wanted to learn martial arts since I was little, but again I get frustrated easily - would have given up right away
66. Also learnt to play guitar for a couple of years when I was little but gave up on that too
67. My biggest celebrity crushes are Zico, GD, 이기광 & 김종현
68. And my fav groups are Block B, BIG BANG, SS501 (still waiting ; - ; ), Shinhwa & DBSK/JYJ 
69. I want to have my very own home
70. I'm not really close to my parents

71. I love all kind of bad-ass things as well as all cute things
72. I'm balancing between hah
73. I hate people making grammar mistakes although I know I'm doing them all the time as well
74. My last name is Russian
75. And many of my relatives are partly Russian and I know nothing about the whole country
76. I love dancing but I suck at it
77. I have this crazy party mood at least once a week lol
78. And I'm blasting music and partying all alone almost everyday lolol
79. At the moment I own 77 nail polishes
80. I've got no allergies

Lagging at home on Saturday and Sunday

81. I've only one trauma and it's from last year when my dog was attacked by another and I've still got that damn situation vividly in my mind. Once I remember it gets a whole lot of time for me to forget it again and gaaahh I've never been as terrified as I was back then.
82. That is why every time that I encounter a bigger dog while walking with Rippe I get all scared and shit :( When I'm alone I'm okay though hah. 
83. My lap top and phone means the world to me
84. Documentaries with animals and beautiful landscapes makes me all emotional #iregretnothing
85. I love talking in English
86. Which is why I love meeting foreign people
87. I'm pretty damn terrified of needles
88. Cherry tomatoes are love ! ♥
89. And dough ! I like dough more than all the pastries that you can make out of them lol
89. I like old Finnish pop music as well as karaoke
90. I've watched Lord of the Rings and Star Wars movies waaay too many times

91. I love having days w/o make-up sooo much
92. I wish I had darker skin color, hair and everything cause I look like a dead person w/o any make-up
93. Also I don't tan at all - I only get all red like a crab after only 20 mins in straight sunshine
94. I'm bad at drinking anything carbonated
95. I've no talents, wish I had some
96. I'm always broke
97. I'm a night owl
98. I've nosebleeds way too often and it's not fun
99. Every other day I feel like I'm all lost cause I don't know what to do with my life
100. Can't come up with anything else omg it's over

Had fun writing these down though ~
Later on I'll be like damn I forgot this and that and will come up with thousands and more things hah.
And this will have like thousands of grammar and spelling mistakes since I'm too tired to read this through D:

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  1. Ihana blogi sulla <33 Mistä sulle tuli rasitusvamma? :O

    1. Voii kiitos ♡ Oletettavasti tuo jalka meni wanhojen tanssi harkoista D: Ei oikeestaan mitään tietoa huomasin vas yks päivä et jaha linkistä pois hypätessä tuntuu polvessa ja jumppailin sitä oikeen kiusalla ku en aatellu et se ois mitään kummempaa. Sit se turpos hah :---D

  2. Haha oot ihana <3 toivottavasti jalkas paranee pia :) kohta 97 :D <3

  3. oh crap, nyt mulle tuli ikävä sua.. D: