perjantai 18. tammikuuta 2013

wèi shénme zǒngshì tài lěng le ?

My Infinite poster is on fiiiiiiire.

Hello there ! It's this lazy-ass blogger here once again ~ I'm not even going to lie that I've had some interesting stuff happening lately, but I'm still able to utter out a few words for you lovely people that actually are following my blog ♥

Oh ! Check that title hihii. Remember the last time I actually had a blogpost title in chinese... It's been like forever although it feels like time has flied. It's not like I'm good or anything in chinese yet - I can't even write hanzis with computer it was hard enough to get the tones correctly bwahah. It's amazing how much I've already learnt. It's been only two courses and it finally feels like I can actually have little conversations in chinese wohoo ! 我很高兴 *shamelessly using google to find the right hanzis lol.

1. Onion soup w/ bread cubes
2. rice noodle soup w/ chicken, sprouts, chili and stuff
3. rice w/ tomato chili chicken thingy
4. chicken stuffed w/ feta-pesto-bread-mash and wedges
Sounds delicious much ?
As you can see, I've shaped up in cooking and actually in baking as well. And I think there's only one reason for that - my dad's been in Mexico for about two weeks now for purely selfish holiday reasons... Can't believe he didn't actually take me with him - freezing to death thanks to lovely finnish winter. ...AND I've gotten all the power in choosing what we are eating and when :--------) My dad used to always complain about every single course that was even a bit more out of ordinary. And those are the foods that I usually like to eat. NOT POTATOES EVERYDAY thank you !

Anyway. I'm actually surprised about the fact that I am finding cooking pretty much of fun. I always thought that I'm a lousy cook haha. I mean ofc that hasn't changed - I still am, but I like trying this and that even if I fail. I actually have a really short temper when I can't get something right at the first try bwahah (believe me I've really had some frustrating moments with my cooking during the past weeks).

I also finally brought home one of the two packages I ordered some time ago , which was actually last year hah. It has been in the post office for I-don't-even-know-how-long and yeah it took me a while to actually go and get it. Don't know why the other one is taking this long to arrive in Finland. Anyway ! There is some circle lens reviews coming up as I previously said so stay tuned !

Here's also my last weeks mani. I haven't been really posting any nail pictures lately either. There's no light for taking any, but those that are following my Instagram or Twitter have probably seen  more than enough of low quality pics about them....

Polishes I used:

China Glaze - Liquid Leather 544
China Glaze - Tinsel Town 1022
China Glaze - Blonde Bombshell 1048
Delia Coral - 506

Also about my trip to Korea. It's getting closer and closer and more and more details are coming up and you can't believe how excited I am. I'm still not going to post anything too big things here, just telling you I'll be finally hopping on an airplane in 22nd of February and will be staying about 10 days ! Gooosh I'm dying here just by thinking about it.


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