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drama time: year 2012

Long time no see drama time tag ! I wanted to summarize all the dramas I watched in 2012 and also name you my favorites and some dramas that I didn't enjoy watching.

I wonder if I've ever watched as many dramas as I watched in year 2012. Over-all an awesome drama year !

Dramas I watched last year:

Shut Up Flower Boyband 
The Moon That Embraces the Sun
Dream High 2
The King 2Hearts
Rooftop Prince
Queen Inhyuns Man
Bridal Mask
Gentleman’s Dignity
Bridal Mask
Reply 1997
Innocent Man
The King Of Drama
Miss You
School 2013

If I were to be asked to pick my favorite dramas of 2012 I could name four right away without any bigger thinking. Actually I'd even dare to say that they are my all-time favorite dramas. Here they come !

해를 품은 달 / The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Main cast

Kim Soo-hyun / Yeo Jin-goo - Lee Hwon / Young Lee Hwon
Han Ga In / Kim Yoo-jun - Heo Yeon-woo / Young Heo Yeon-woo
Jung Il-woo / Lee Min-ho - Yang-myung / Young  Yang-myung
Kim Min-seo / Kim So-hyun - Yoon Bo-kyung / Young Bo-kyung

Little crown prince Lee Hwon falls in love with Heo Yeon-woo after accidentally running into each other inside the palace. Hwon's half-brother Yang-myong suffers from an unrequited love for Yeon-woo and is jealous of Hwon who is getting everything as a crown prince. Yeon-woo gets chosen as the next queen, instead of Yoon Bo-kyung who was also hoping to become a queen and later on for political reasons the queen dowager makes palaces head shaman to put a deathly curse on Yeon-woo to get the crown for Bo-kyung. However, she survives from death thanks to a shaman, Jang Nok-young, who had made a promise to her friend to protect Yeon-woo. Nok-young gave her a medicine that makes her appear death, which leads all the palace to think that Yeon-woo really has passed away. Prince Hwon's heart gets broken and he has to get married to Bo-kyung against his own will.

Shman Nok-young who had previously given medicine to Yeon-woo goes and digs her body up from her grave and raises Yeon-woo, who had forgotten everything about her "previous life", to become a shaman. Eight years later Yeon-woo got kidnapped and taken back to the palace to lure Nok-young, who refused to return, back to palace. Later on Yeon-woo became a talisman to heal Hwon, who is faking himself illnesses to escape from making a child, the next heir, with his queen Bo-kyung. Hwon, as well as Yang-myong, was still deeply in love with Yeon-woo although she was "dead". Yeon-woo was made to stay in Hwon's room every night without him knowing about her existence for a long time until she got caught by him. Hwon wonders who this familiar girl was and Yeon-woo starts to slowly regain her memory.

That's pretty much the main story in the drama. Of course there are a lot more spicy details and crazy plot changes in there. This drama I can officially name as the most dehydrating drama ever. I've never, I repeat NEVER cried as much as I've cried while watching this drama. From the very first episodes where Yeon-woo passes away the child actors acting is just holy damn epic-ly awesome. The emotions were portrayed so genuinely and realistically that I just couldn't help bawling my eyes out. Wonder if there's ever been any drama that's made me as emotional as this one.

Not only was the acting awesome, so was the set. This is a historical drama locating in Joseon dynasty, which automatically means temples here and there, but I don't know why I loved this dramas set so much more from other historical dramas. There were so many scenes with this strange mystical feeling that sometimes I found myself more fascinated of the set than the main things happening at that moment. Also the OST's were just way too amazing to describe. I also listed 's 

"시간을 거슬러" in my 2012 favorite song picks. That song makes me even today all emotional.

Although this drama had pretty many cliche moments and there were some predictable scenes as well I just couldn't help loving this. It was pretty heavy to watch due to sad story line, people dying all the time and all, but there were some funny moments as well to lighten up the mood in the middle of you crying for the 1000th time during the drama. Absolutely more than just worth watching !

옥탑방 왕세자 / Rooftop Prince

Main Cast: 

Park Yoo-chun as Lee Gak / Yong Tae-yong
Han Ji-min as Park Ha / Bu-yong
Lee Tae-sun as Yon Tae-moo
Jun Yoo-min as Hong Se-na / Hwa-Yong
(Has child actors as well, but not gonna list them since they
 weren't that much of a big role in this drama)
 ManLee Min-ho as Song Man-bo
Choi Woo-shik as Do Chi-san
Jung Suk-won as Woo Yong-sul

Prince Lee Gak who back in Joseon hired other three men, Song Man-bo the tutor, Do Chi-san the eunuch and Woo Young-sul the body guard, was determined to solve the mystery of his queen Hwa-yong who weirdly passed away. Whilst being chased by bandits they were suddenly transported into Park Ha's rooftop apartment in modern days Seoul causing a lot of puzzlement for Park Ha. Nerves are getting tested when she's trying  find out more about these four weird men who need to be taught how to brush their own teeth and ride a bus. 

Later on Lee Gak rans into Hong Se-na who looks exactly like his queen and after some time realizes she's his queen's reincarnation. Soon he also finds out that there had also been a reincarnation of himself in the modern world, but had been murdered by Yon Tae-moo. Now the family of his reincarnation Yong Tae-yong thinks that Lee Gak is the long missing son they thought was dead. Although Lee Gak was looking for his beloved queen he slowly started to realize having fallen in love with Park Ha.

Just the though of tossing people from over 200 years ago in to civilized world is hilarious. The amount of confusion in this drama is highly amusing and made me rofl and laugh my head off probably just as many times as I cried in Moonsun hah. Not only is the reaction of Huh Gak, Man-bo, Chi-sak and Yong-sul into the world they ended up in laughable, but also the modern peoples reaction to Huh Gak's all mighty prince acting plus the other threes a** kissing towards Huh Gak with all "전하~" and ridiculous amount of bowing and I've sinned attitude when doing something wrong towards their majesty.

Acting was first of all: CUTE. I fell in love with all the characters except of course the baddies Se-na and Tae-moo. Tae-moo seemed like a descent person at times but turned even more and more evil and obsessive towards the end. Also I liked how Se-nas character grew into the very opposite way. Adorable drama I say. Kind of basic drama stuff that you see every time you look for another drama to watch, but still I think this thing has something more in it.

응답하라 1997 / Reply 1997

Main Cast:

Jung Eun-ji as Sung Shi-won
Seo In-guk as Yoon Yoon-jae
Shin So-yool as Mo Yoo-jung
Hoya as Kang Joon-hee
Eun Ji-won as Do Hak-chan
Lee Shi-un as Bang Sung-jae

Reply 1997 tells a story of six high schoolers from 90's who meet up again in a class reunion in 2012 and are reminiscing their years back when they were still in high school. Yoon Yoon-jae was a smart and sporty boy who realized having a crush on Sung Shi-won, not that smart crazy H.O.T fan girl, who he always used to hang out with when they were kids. Yoon-jae decides to come clean of his feelings towards Shi-won, but right before confessing he finds out his older brother had a crush on her as well (way too pedo to handle srsly), which leads to a bye-bye for his plans. After some time Yoon-jae spontaneously kisses her, but has to realize having matured way before Shi-won, who was still an innocent girl dedicating all her life for Tony oppa.

Later on Shi-won finds out about Yoon-jae's best friend Kang Joon-hee having feelings for Yoon-jae (that's a understandable sentence and yeah, that's homosexuality in a kdrama *respect) and sneakily tries to pair them up making Joon-hee somewhat uncomfortable with being gay, since all that time he had hidden his feelings. On the other hand Yoon-jae got frustrated of Shi-won blowing up all their gatherings by always leaving the scene and leaving those two behind. Till the very end of the drama Yoon-jae had no idea about his best friend having a crush on him. Not only is there these three people fighting with their unrequited loves, but also Mo Yoo-jung, a romantic girl who had a crush on Do Hak-chan aka a porn addict who actually was way too shy to even look at women in real life.

What I most loved in this drama was the developing of the characters. Having your first love, slowly maturing, getting new interests and  growing out of others. Suddenly realizing you are all grown-up and have to take charge of your life yet to still feel like a little kiddo. Everything doesn't come granted and sometimes you forget to look at the things that are most important in your life. But hey it's real life man. Then why does it feel so boring for my part ? Back to the point: this drama follows up around ten years of the most hectic time of ones life and it's awesome to see how much things evolve. I wonder if I've ever felt this close to fictional characters. While watching you feel like you're growing up with them.

Acting was awesome and I loved how this drama had this unpredictable story line thing. In the very first episode we learn that Shi-won's married to someone, of course either Yoon-jae or his older brother Tae-woong, but we can't be sure about who it is until the very end of the drama. Although you feel certain that of course it's Yoon-jae you still find yourself thinking for a few secs in the end that it actually is Tae-woong. It really kept the tension on. Also the nostalgia you can feel in this drama is just wow. These things are happening around the time when I was born so I really can't tell much about having known how it was back then, especially in Korea, but still it just made me feel so weirdly nostalgic. I can't even describe it really. 

각시달 / Bridal Mask

I have previously reviewed this drama here, so I'll just briefly explain the plot with a few sentences !

Story locating in the time of Japanese colonial rule in 1930, when Korean patriots who were pretty much everyday fighting against Japanese officers. Gaksital, the hero of all patriotic people, did his best to fight against all the injustice.

This is a really heavy drama to watch I can assure you that. There's really no comedy at all in this and the romantic side isn't really the main point in this either, although it's been put in too. Just some seriously breath-taking and thrilling drama filled with a lot of explosives and bad guys.

Watch this if you yet haven't. Prepare some snacks for yourself to avoid biting your finger nails. Some tissues for the ending too !

That's it for the reviews !

*runs and cries in the corner for all the feels from going through this awesome dramas*


So, it's not like I liked all the dramas last year. There were actually more dramas than ever that I actually had to give up watching, for example "To the Beautiful You", "Full House 2" and "Cheongdam-dong Alice", which btw is still airing. Main reason usually is just because I just didn't get hooked on it or I hated the acting.

That's it for my rant. Happy to finally write down all my feelings of these. Suddenly have this gigantic urge to watch all my favorite dramas again. That's gonna have to wait for a while :-----)

Did you have any favorite dramas in 2012 ?

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  1. Ah, I only watched one drama in 2012 D: shame on me! <.< and that was K-Pop Extreme Survival. Do you know? I love this drama *-*
    I also need to watch Big, Shut Up Flower Boyband, Dream High 2, Reply 1997 and School 2013! >_<

    1. Shame on you indeed lol (; This was an awesome kdrama year ! But there will be more new things coming this year :))

      I'm really waiting for Min-ho to do a new drama. Faith wasn't really something I liked and I was kind on disappointed truthfully D:

      And I absolutely want to see more historical dramas ! As well as stuff like Reply 1997. After all there's not really too much of dramas I really REALLY love.... :/

      Atm I'm watching 7th Grade Civil Servant and Flower Boy Next Door ! I have really no opinion about that 7th Grade thingy, but Flower Boy Next Door is awesome - I recommend :----) I don't really like Shin-hye but her character is pretty funny in this one !