torstai 31. tammikuuta 2013

about my upcoming korea trip

Monen kuukauden tuskastuttavan epävarmuuden jälkeen Korean reissu viimein varmistui ! Suunnitelman muutoksia ollut varmaan 1000 pelkästään viimeisen kuluneen kuukauden aikana, mutta nyt ei aikataulujen enää pitäisi suuremmin muuttua :-------)

After months of frustrating uncertainty my trip to Korea is confirmed ! There was probably 1000 changes of plans only during the past month, but now my schedule shouldn't be changing anymore :-------)

keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2013

[review] g&g - kira kira lenses

Never seen a grey hippo lens case before D: *shame on me*

My updating speed is incredibly slow... again hah.

It's finally time for G&G's aka Duebas Kira Kira lenses in grey. This is my second G&G pair ever, it's been pretty GEO GEO GEO so far.

Diameter: 14.00 mm
Water content: 38%
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Life span: 1 year

Let's get to the review !

sunnuntai 20. tammikuuta 2013

drama time: year 2012

Long time no see drama time tag ! I wanted to summarize all the dramas I watched in 2012 and also name you my favorites and some dramas that I didn't enjoy watching.

I wonder if I've ever watched as many dramas as I watched in year 2012. Over-all an awesome drama year !

Dramas I watched last year:

Shut Up Flower Boyband 
The Moon That Embraces the Sun
Dream High 2
The King 2Hearts
Rooftop Prince
Queen Inhyuns Man
Bridal Mask
Gentleman’s Dignity
Bridal Mask
Reply 1997
Innocent Man
The King Of Drama
Miss You
School 2013

perjantai 18. tammikuuta 2013

wèi shénme zǒngshì tài lěng le ?

My Infinite poster is on fiiiiiiire.

Hello there ! It's this lazy-ass blogger here once again ~ I'm not even going to lie that I've had some interesting stuff happening lately, but I'm still able to utter out a few words for you lovely people that actually are following my blog ♥

Oh ! Check that title hihii. Remember the last time I actually had a blogpost title in chinese... It's been like forever although it feels like time has flied. It's not like I'm good or anything in chinese yet - I can't even write hanzis with computer it was hard enough to get the tones correctly bwahah. It's amazing how much I've already learnt. It's been only two courses and it finally feels like I can actually have little conversations in chinese wohoo ! 我很高兴 *shamelessly using google to find the right hanzis lol.

lauantai 12. tammikuuta 2013

[review] etude house - fresh cherry tint

Finally have the time for reviewing ! This is the upgraded version of Etude House's previous Fresh Cherry Tint with slightly different shape than before. I'm not really a big fan of lipsticks and lip make-up in general, but I think lip tints (or "lip stains") are more like my thing. Lip tints, as the name pretty much tells, only "stains" your lips, making them to look more natural. The color is in there but it doesn't really feel or look like you had some on !

lauantai 5. tammikuuta 2013

new page

Heippa ! Toivottavasti kaikkien uusi vuosi vaihtui hyvin :-------)

Itselläni vuosi ei sen kummemmissa merkissä alkanut. Koulussa alkoi wanhojen tanssi harjoittelut oh yeahh.  Kampaamot ja meikitkin on nyt varattu ja enää olisi hankittava jonkinnäköiset tanssikengät ja vaatetusta jatkoillekin. En malttaisi odottaa, mutta varmaan tämä tanssien harjoittelu ennen esitystä ei pahitteeksi ole hah. Korean reissun suunnitteluakin tässä meneillään ja lentolippujakin saisi alkaa varailemaan. Ensimmäiset YO-kirjoituksetkin tulossa tänä keväänä ja niiden jälkeen saakin jo miettiä autokouluun ilmoittautumista ! Siinä olikin tiivistettynä Annikan kevät 2013.

Hellooo ! Hope everyone's new year started well :--------)

As for my self nothing too different really. In school we started our prom practice oh yeahh. Hairdresser and make-up is already booked and I should only get some sort of shoes for the prom and clothes for our after party. I just couldn't wait but I guess that some practice before our big show wouldn't be that bad hah. Also planning for our Korea trip is still going on and I should start book the plain tickets soon. My first matriculation exam is also getting closer and I should also sign up for driving school after them ! That's pretty much Annikas spring 2013 in short.