sunnuntai 30. joulukuuta 2012

[review] laneige - natural eyeliner

Oh yeah long time no see reviews ! My previous Koji's Dollywink Eyeliner ended like... a month ago and since then I've been craving for another eyeliner. I've been coping with my sucky Rimmel's Glameyes Liquid Eyeliner till now but three days back my little Cosmetic Love order arrived and now I finally have a new one ! I actually wondered if I should just buy another Dollywink eyeliner since it was just awesome but decided to try another one and in the end I chose Laneige's Natural Eyeliner !

There are 3 different colors to choose from. The black that I chose, brown and even more intense black.

The packet itself contains cartridge thing and the pen that it needs to be placed in. You have to roll the end of the pen to get the color out. Be careful not to roll it too much !! It's really fluid and you don't want your eye make-up to be messy with too much of this super ink like fluid DD:

As you can see I still need some practice with the usage... it's so liquid. But this thing for sure lasts long ! I actually just came from sauna. Rubbed my eyes in shower, then went to sauna and checked my eyes after that - still clear lines left ! It had faded only a little, but you could still clearly say where my linings went ! Then I tried washing it away and it kinda was still stuck in there. Maybe I need more powerful cleansing milk lol. Anyway, it didn't give me black eyes either, it kinda went away in little crumbs you know (lost in mahh words). = didn't smudge.

It's my 60th post btw ! D:

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  1. That sounds like a very good eyeliner! I searched for an eyeliner like this! Thank you for sharing~ ^^