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don't stop the music

Got inspired of all these year-ending awards and decided to introduce my favorite songs of the year. It's not that long time left until we are once again starting another year of our lifes - time sure flies fast !

These are the songs that I've been listening to the most this year. There were so many songs that I felt like adding here, but since the list is already way too long, I'm just gonna go with these only.

Prepare yourself for only a little fangirling !

Xiah Junsu - No Gain
My very favorite 준수's song this year. Loving the beat in the beginning. I was really looking forward for JYJ's comeback this year, too bad it never came :------( So happy that 준수 made so many solo songs instead ♥

신화 - Let It Go
신화 FINALLY made their long awaited comeback last spring after 4 YEARS (wonder if I'm completely correct with this) and gosh these boys men are getting hotter and hotter as they get older. "Let It Go" is probably my most listened track this year. And listen to 혜성's awesome voice in the chorus ! It's just perfect ♥ Loved almost all of the songs in their newest album.

Block B - 100 % in Synch
This is another song that I've been replaying A LOT this year. Like a lot lot. Just so you know everyone. I'm one damn crazy BBC and have been one since these 7 crazy guys debuted ♥ 

Block B - Movie's Over
I can honestly say that I fell from my chair when I first heard this song and was pretty damn close to start bawling once Zico started to sing. Like seriously ;___; Mahh little bad-ass rapper singing like some goddamn angel asdfghjkl. I died a little. Anyway. This is a really pretty song !

Woops. No swaggy songs from Block B listed here... Check these out: "LOL", "난리나" & "닐리리맘버" Oh and 테일's solo 넌 어디에 !

에일리 - Heaven
Her debut song. Listened to this a lot last spring !

에일리 - 저녁 하늘
My favorite song from Ailees first album from this autumn/winter !

Gorgeous song, fell in love immediatelly after hearing this ;__; It's my favorite song from GD's solo album this year and I'm still loving this so much ! ♥

G-DRAGON - One of A Kind
Oh yeeeeah. Probably the swaggiest song this year, no doubt. That "네 형, 네 누나" -part keeps playing in my head everytime I think of this song hahah. "I LOVE IT."

EXO-K - What Is Love
I don't know why, but I pretty much 'hated' EXO from the beginning....  Not really hated but nahh. It's actually Kai that I hated but damn I think he's actually pretty handsome. Still this song is super awesome ! Can't believe that SM actually made a MV this awesome - wow. "I LOST MY PANTS RIPPITO FLIPPITO SIPPI SLOWMOTION", anyone ?

동방신기 - Catch Me
This thing really blows up my brain everytime I'm listening to this while running. Like. Wow. *eargasm*

K.Will - 나가면 고생이야
I've been fan of K.Will since his "가슴이 뛴다" back in 2011 and I was really waiting for his comeback this year and oh yeah his album was awesome. Loved this song the most !

K.Will - Butterfly
Those vocals.

린 - 시간을 거슬러
I've bawled my eyes out probably hundreds of times last spring while watching 해를품은달. And all those damn feelings are packed into this song ;_____; So sad.

정은지 & 서인국 - All For You
Another of the two OST's I picked to this list. I really loved watching these two acting in 응덥하라 1997 (alongside w/ 호야 asdfghj) and this OST is pretty nice too !

B.A.P - Goodbye
These boys have been working so much this year and as much as I liked their songs "Warrior" and "Power", I still think that this is the best out of all their songs. Although it's completely different from their usual concepts they really pulled this one out well.

U-KISS - Stop Girl
My favorite release from U-KISS this year. Ahh Eli WAE U SO HAWT in that MV.

에픽 하이 - Kill This Love
Constantly replaying this thing these days. Missed Tablo a lot ... it's been so long since his last years solo release (which was one of the best releases last year!). Liking their new album a lot although I can't believe the fact that 박봄 needed to be featured in "UP". That song would've been truthfully so much better without her :-------( I like Bommie though !

싸이 - 청개구리
Someone might have already wondered where 강남스타일 was. Now we finally get to PSY. I've been a fan of PSY for only about a year. I've known him for a bit longer, but I didn't really never listen to his music. I never could have believed of Gangnam Style to become as a big phenomenon as it became. Like seriously people. SERIOUSLY. Too bad that that's pretty much it then. Seems like no one has any interest on listening to PSY's other songs too. In his 6th album, that was released this year were 6 tracks and they're all awesome ! One of my favorites is this song here "청개구리" that features G-DRAGON oh yeah ♥ Also "어땠을까" featuring 정현 and "뜨거운 안녕" featuring 시경 are awesome so please everyone. Try listening to them once if you yet haven't PSY isn't all about 강남스타일 okay :---------) Although that song is no doubt in my TOP-5 songs this year. EPIC.

That's it then ! I probably missed some really important songs, but oh well.

Have a nice week everyone ^^

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