sunnuntai 30. joulukuuta 2012

[review] laneige - natural eyeliner

Oh yeah long time no see reviews ! My previous Koji's Dollywink Eyeliner ended like... a month ago and since then I've been craving for another eyeliner. I've been coping with my sucky Rimmel's Glameyes Liquid Eyeliner till now but three days back my little Cosmetic Love order arrived and now I finally have a new one ! I actually wondered if I should just buy another Dollywink eyeliner since it was just awesome but decided to try another one and in the end I chose Laneige's Natural Eyeliner !

torstai 27. joulukuuta 2012

christmas holiday

Used a real camera  for the first time in 2 months maybe ? T . T But isn't he cute ♥
Toivottavasti kaikkien joulu meni hyvin ! Omani tuntuvat menevän vuosi vuodelta tylsempään suuntaan, WAE ME HAVE TO GROW OLD ?? 8----(

I hope everyone's christmas was nice ! As for myself I feel like mine are getting more boring and boring, WAE ME HAVE TO GROW OLD ?? 8----(

lauantai 22. joulukuuta 2012

apocalyptic failure

Taisinpa selvitä maailmanlopusta ilman, että mitkään 1,5 kilometriä korkeat maapallon kolme kertaa ylittävät tsunamit eivät minua täältä Suomen kylmyydestä pelastaneet. Henki siis vielä pihisee, toivottavasti myös sinulla !

Joulu on kohta asdfhjk eikä minulla ole vielä oikeastaan minkäänlaista joulufiilistä :----( Lahjoja en kuitenkaan malttaisi olla odottamatta !

So far so good. I survived of the worlds end and there were no 1,5 kilometers high giant tsunamis crossing the globe three times and taking me away from this cold Finland. Still alive, hope you're too !

It's christmas soon asdfghjk and I'm not feeling any christmas-y at all :----( Can't wait to get presents though !

tiistai 11. joulukuuta 2012

don't stop the music

Got inspired of all these year-ending awards and decided to introduce my favorite songs of the year. It's not that long time left until we are once again starting another year of our lifes - time sure flies fast !

These are the songs that I've been listening to the most this year. There were so many songs that I felt like adding here, but since the list is already way too long, I'm just gonna go with these only.

Prepare yourself for only a little fangirling !