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the sorrows of young

just to show you guys my face once in a while. @ fleamarket
Sorry guys, I'm once again updating so damn late. I'm just way too busy/tired with school and where ever I go I never have my camera with me and since there is lately almost no daylight at all, I've no awesome photos to display either. Anyway, let's have a fast recap of my two weeks with a few crappy pics taken with my phone.

Let's see. A week ago I was spending my weekend at Nea's place with girls. Had fun just like always ♥ I actually caught a flu there and was sick at home for two days hah so I was only 3 days at school last week... Still it's damn tiring when you have school until 17:00 in Wednesdays ughh. I'm having this one "Global Me" course in this period where we are just hanging out with our city's exchange students and trying to save the world (what?). We are just mainly discussing current events and human rights and playing games and acting and speaking english ofc and yeah it's a lot of fun :--------)

Bought myself a new heat protection spray two days back since my last one ended. I was also hunting christmas presents for my friends in Korea last week. And I found them although I had to run in thousands of shops. Why is buying presents always so hard ? I'm planning on sending them already next week to make sure that they're in Korea in time. I should also buy last things for my other friends presents too, but oh well. I don't need to hurry with them yet !

These are the nails I was talking about in my last post. See how easy they were to remove ! I used orange wood stick to gently push them away from my nails. Awesome. My life's so much easier now haha. Btw it's CG's "It's Alive" in these nails. Color looks a bit off though, here's a better pic from last spring.

Last weeks nails with CG's "Liquid Leather" and Essie's "Shine of the Times" on top !
My blogger decided that it was time to my image storage space to be filled today. I deleted a few old blog posts to be able to write this post. I'll be later making myself a gmail account to get 10GB more space so that I don't have to make new blog or change domain or so on.

See you hopefully soon !

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