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drama time: bridal mask / 각시달

Joo Woon (Moon Joon-won) as Lee Kang-to
Jin Se-yun as Oh Mok-dan
Park Ki-woong as Kimura Shunji
Han Chae-ah as Ueno Rie

Although it has been already over 2 weeks since Bridal Mask (also known as Gaksital / 각시달) ended, I haven't even now gotten this drama out of my head. I wonder if there has been even one drama as exciting as this was. Let's get this review started !

Lee Kang-to wearing a police officer uniform
Gaksital is period drama evolving around the time of Japanese colonial rule (around year 1930) in Korea. It tells a story about Lee Kang-to who first worked as a Japanese police officer and fought against Korean rebellion. Of course he was betraying his own country as a Korean man working for Japanese. Even when being hated by his own people, he coped as a traitor to keep his mom and disabled older brother, who were also against his brutal actions, safe.

Ah-so-kind-looking Kimura Shunji during the time he was a teacher
Kimura Shunji was Lee Kang-to's best friend and a person Lee Kang-to owe a lot. He was a good person, who hated violence and were happily teaching little kids against his dads will. Later on he decided to become police officer to take revenge on his brothers murder.

Oh Mok-dan
Oh Mok-dan was a patriotic person and also a daughter of a popular freedom fighter Damsari. She despised everything Japanese and was a strong willing person wanting to make change even by risking her own life. She had always been looking for her "young master", a boy who had saved her life during the time her mom died and who she also had a crush on to.

Mok-dan and Kang-to in torture chamber D: 
Mok-dan became Kang-to's enemy thanks to Kang-to catching her father and almost sentencing him to death. After finding out Mok-dan’s identity as Damsari’s daughter, Kang-to always went to look for her to find out about her father’s location.

Hmm. That boy who Mok-dan was looking for... Well, I don't think it would be any surprise for that to be Lee Kang-to, right ? And yes it was. Later on when Lee Kang-to (who of course had also crush on Mok-dan) found out about Mok-dan's true identity he just decided to protect her without her noticing. Kang-to was the person that Mok-dan hated the most in the world, and it turns out that he was also the “young master” she had been looking for years. Mok-dan had only had some thoughts about Bridal Mask being “young master”, cause he had saved Mok-dan several times from Japanese police officers and even once from a public execution. 

Japanese government officials threw a party for "unification of Japan and Korea"
Bridal Mask attacking police department

As I said, Lee Kang-to worked as a police officer who did his best to help Japanese people to control rebelling Koreans. Every single person rooting for Korea would get beaten and all the independence fighters were to be sentenced to death. This is where Bridal Mask comes to the picture. Bridal Mask was a freedom fighter inspiring all the people to fight for their independence. He punished many Japanese government officials one by one by killing them for all the evil deeds they did against Korean people. 

Kang-to had only one goal: catching Bridal Mask. Kang-to and Bridal Mask kept running into each other time to time, but every single time Bridal Mask managed to escape from him. Except once. 

Kang-to's brother (Kang-san) and mother

Shunjis older brother, Kenji, who was police officer just like Kang-to, was suspecting Kang-to’s disabled brother Kang-san from being Bridal Mask and actually he was right. Kang-san was only known as the village idiot who was often playing with kids. He had been faking his insanity for years to keep his real identity as Bridal Mask hidden, but after a while of suspicion Kenji manages to find that out. Later on when Kenji goes to get Kang-sans brother from their home, Kang-san’s mom protects him and gets shot instead while Kang-san just has to play insane while watching his mother die.

It didn’t take that long until Kang-san was back in business as Bridal Mask and tried to take revenge for his mother. He was just about to kill Kenji when Kang-to came and suddenly it turns out that Kang-to actually kills his own brother. Can this get crazier ? Yes it can. Imagine all the never ending revenges coming up when Kang-to finds out about the fact that Bridal Mask, who he killed, was actually his brother and Kenji was the one who killed his mother. 

Evil version of Shunji

This is the moment when Kang-to decides to become Bridal Mask. I said what ? This guy who had actually became part of Japanese people, even taking Japanese name Sato Hiroshi, turns into Korean freedom fighter. It wasn’t that easy actually. First he just wanted to take revenge and kill Kenji by disguising as Bridal Mask. After that he gets some serious identity problems and slowly starts to realize all the shit done by Japanese and himself. And yes. He kills Shunji’s brother, which makes Shunji, who had always been such a good person, obsessed with finding Bridal Mask to kill him just like Kang-to had wanted. This time it's just that Shunji doesn’t know about Bridal Mask being Kang-to, his bff.

Kang-to finally realizes who Mok-dan actually was
Mok-dan doesn't know that it's actually Kang-to who she's hugging
Ueno Rie
And what is a kdrama without those damn heartbreaking love triangles. So yeah. Kang-to is in love with Mok-dan and Mok-dan thought that the ‘previous’ Bridal Mask was his “young master” and kinda fell for him.

It also turns out that Shunji is in love with Mok-dan as well. He knew her a long time ago as “Esther” and Mok-dan then again doesn’t remember him. Also Ueno Rie who is the daughter of the head of Japanese Kishokai organization (they are the bad-asses of this drama) is part of this already so complicated drama. Kang-to had once saved her from being killed and she obviously had fallen for her hero that time.

Mok-dan's father, Damsari
Who is dat ?
Hope of korean citizens
Obviously this drama is filled with even more damn crazy details, but I just opened these main points to not give you every single plot twist before you might start watching this.

Don’t know if any of the readers have watched City Hunter before. I think this resembles it A LOT. Both of those dramas revolve around themes like revenge and right/wrong and both of them have handsome heroes in identity crisis. Oh and strong heroines as well ! I might be reviewing that drama as well later. It wasn't just as epic as this one, but it was awesome too ♥

Clearly there hasn’t been any drama that is more roller coaster –like than this. All those 28 episodes this drama had made me bite my nails off (I wouldn't really do that lol) and spazz for many many weeks a row. I was afraid of dying from heart attack in every single episode thanks to my heart rate that just kept getting faster and faster. This drama was so tense and exciting through out and I just kept stressing about how Kang-to will survive as he tries to live double life as Bridal Mask and police officer who is supposed to catch Bridal Mask, himself. 

This drama is great for those who are interested in dramas with some action and even if you weren't interested in history I can absolutely recommend this one. This is pretty heavy one to watch compared to those overly cute and cheesy dramas. And yeah. Prepare to bawl your eyes out with all that tragic shit happening D:

There you have my favorite soundtrack from this drama ! See the top comment lol it's me :O

If you got interested in watching this drama you can watch it at sites like or as I prefer, download it from d-addicts

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